offers a limited selection of new and used appliance parts at attractive prices.

Used parts. These I personally salvage from retired appliances.

New parts. Sometimes I acquire a group at a good price.

Vintage parts are sometimes difficult to obtain, and costly if bought new. If my parts are common, I offer a low price. If the parts are hard to come by, I offer an ordinary price, and the feature for you is that I have them in hand.

It is not my goal to satisfy every person's need for any replacement part. That's a job for a big parts house.

My goal is to bring the bargains I find to market at an appealing price and in a way that let's you find what you seek.


Are you a repairman?

Only when my own washer breaks. That's how I noticed that new parts are costly at the local appliance parts store.

Why don't you sell these parts on eBay?

I used to. When I sell parts on, the prices are lower, shipping is cheaper, and I can give better service.

Why don't you sell every part for every appliance?

That would be a big business with big expenses and a warehouse. My goals are more modest - to make a useful outlet for the bargains I find.

What parts do you sell?

I sell whatever useful parts I can find at a decent price.